Pyropel® is the first insulation developed specifically to meet the stringent demands of plastics and rubber processors.

Pyropel is a unique, rigid, lightweight polyimide fiberboard with superior insulating properties across a broad temperature range. Produced through a patented process in which it is three-dimensionally reinforced, it is self-supporting and exceptionally durable. Pyropel offers an unmatched combination of insulating performance, design freedom, and assembly advantages.



​2 to 4 Times More Effective Than Other Common Insulation

Thermal Conductivity is the measure of the amount of heat transferred by or through a material. When comparing insulation, the lower its thermal conductivity, the better a material's insulating capability. As the graph above shows, Pyropel is 2 to 4 times more effective than the other insulation materials typically used in plastics and rubber processing. This superior insulating capability is due to a patented manufacturing process that creates sintered fiber bundles. These bundles give Pyropel its rigidity, compressive strength, and durability. They also trap and hold air, making Pyropel a highly effective insulator.


​Will Not Crack Under Pressure

Many organic insulation boards crack when subjected to compression forces, thermal expansion, or thermal shock. Because of its unique thermoset fiber construction, Pyropel is compression-resistant, yet nonbrittle. It will not crack- even in extreme conditions. Consequently, Pyropel offers significantly longer service life and dramatically reduces the time spent replacing worn or broken insulation.


​Easy to Cut, Machine, and Fabricate

Common insulation boards are hard to work with. In many cases, they require special tools and machining skills- tools and skills which many plastics processors do not have in-house. As a result, many plastics processors pay outside specialists to fabricate their insulation boards. Pyropel is easy to use and requires no special tools. It handles like wood or any other free-machining plastic. Pyropel can be drilled, milled, routed, and sawed using standard wood or metalworking tools. Pyropel can also be easily fabricated into custom insulation packages for areas that previously could not be insulated.


​Easy to Install Using Mechanical Fasteners or Adhesives

Pyropel can be easily installed on process equipment or tooling using simple fasteners or adhesives. Rigid and self-supporting, it eliminates the need for special support structures and associated design considerations.


​Available in a Range of Thicknesses and Densities

Manufactured in a wide variety of product types, Pyropel is available in a thickness and density to meet your specific application needs. This choice of thickness and density lets you select the proper balance of physical and thermal characteristics without having to compromise.


Pays For Itself In Months 

In most cases, Pyropel pays for itself in energy savings alone in a matter of months. Durable and long lasting, it continues to yield savings long after other insulations have failed or worn out. In addition to reducing energy costs, Pyropel also reduces the cost of installing and maintaining insulation. It can also reduce unwanted plant heating, increasing employee comfort and safety. Most important of all, Pyropel can make your process more efficient and, therefore, faster and more profitable. By allowing more efficient heating and cooling, Pyropel can decrease cycle times and increase line speed, product quality, and profitability.