2 to 4 Times More Effective Than Other Common Insulation

A patented manufacturing process created sintered fiber bundles which give Pyropel its rigidity, compression strength, dimensional stability, and durability. They also trap air, making Pyropel a much better insulator than cement or plastic-based hardboard insulation.



Will Not Crack Under Pressure

Pyropel's unique thermoset fiber construction makes it both nonbrittle and compression resistant. Unlike other hardboard insulation, it will not crack when subjected to compression forces, thermal expansion, or thermal cycling and shock.




​Easy to Cut, Machine, and Fabricate

Pyropel cuts and machines easily with standard wood or metalworking tools. It handles like wood or any free machining plastic.



Easy to Install Using Adhesives or Mechanical Fasteners

Pyropel can be bonded to molds using RTV adhesive or countersunk flat head screws. Its rigidity eliminated the need for supporting structures.

Pays for Itself in Energy Savings Alone in Months

Pyropel will increase process output by improving heating and/or cooling efficiency. In addition, it will lighten the load on plant environmental systems by reducing unwanted plant heating and will increase both employee comfort and safety.



Pyropel is available in a range of thicknesses and densities and is ideal for most plastics and rubber processing applications:

Pyropel Selector



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