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In the press section of a paper machine, water is mechanically removed from the newly formed sheet. In the simplest press, the sheet is carried by a press fabric between two rolls, where water is removed with the application of load and pressure. This can also be assisted by the use of vacuum and heat. Press fabrics can last normally from 1 to 6 months. Albany International’s innovative products such as seamed, Non-Woven and coated materials provide consistent, class leading performance for our customers.

Success Stories  


Hydrocross significantly reduces installation time, increases energy savings, and reduces risk 

  •  Paper grade:  SC-B  
  •  Operating speed:  1300 m/min  
  •  Basis weight, base paper:  49 – 56 gsm

The customer was looking to reduce start-up time, increase nip dewatering and fabric life, and decrease draw in the press section. Due to the excellent performance of the Hydrocross on the pick-up and 3rd press positions, and Seam Hydrocross on the 1st bottom position, all of these objectives were accomplished.  










Pick-up Start-up 36 hrs. Start-up 24 hrs. Start-up 18 hrs.
1st Bottom Dewatering:
3 days to reach 400 l/min
Life 60 days
Increased nip dewatering
Start-up improvement
Life 70 days
Start-up 15 hrs.
=> 400 l/min
Life 69 days
3rd Press High Draw < 4.15% Draw 3.5 - 3.8%



Hydrocross saves over $500,000 due to less steam consumption and fewer sheet breaks


  • Paper grade: KLB Corrugating medium
  • Operating speed: 1400 m/min 
  •  Basis weight, base paper: 70 – 90 gsm 
The customer was looking to lower energy costs by optimizing nip dewatering. Due to the excellent performance of Hydrocross on the 1st bottom and 3rd press positions, the customer increased production capacity and energy efficiency through improved dryness and fewer breaks.
  • Break count reduced from 3.5% to 2.3% per day.
  • Sheet dryness reported to be much higher exiting the press section.

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