The Evidence Is In!

Albany's Needled Belts resist starch buildup, enhance moisture pickup and protect against board marking better than the industry's leading woven Belts. 


1 Woven vs Needled Stability.pdf1 Woven vs Needled Stability
2 Woven vs Needled Permeability.pdf2 Woven vs Needled Permeability
3 Thermal Insulative Capacity.pdf3 Thermal Insulative Capacity
4 Corrugator Seams.pdf4 Corrugator Seams
5 Corrugator Durability.pdf5 Corrugator Durability
6 Duraguard.pdf6 Duraguard
7 Duragrip.pdf7 Duragrip
8 Conclusion.pdf8 Conclusion