Company News
January 28, 2016
First flight of Boeing's 737MAX, one of the first aircraft to launch with the new LEAP aircraft engine for which AEC produces parts, will be broadcast in a webcast on January 29 starting at 9:45 AM PST.
December 11, 2015
Diane Loudon, AEC’s Senior Vice President for Operations and General Manager of Albany Safran Composites, announced as successor to Ralph Polumbo, current President of AEC.
September 1, 2015
Thursday September 10 at the at the SPE Automotive Conference and Exhibitionin Novi, Michigan (USA), AEC will be presenting results of recent 3D composite SEA testing and research.
AEC in the news
November 24, 2014
CNBC report on new 3D composite production facility for the LEAP engine in Commercy, France
October 2, 2014
Une réplique de l’usine pour moteurs d’avions du site américain de Safran Aéro Composite et Albany Engineered Composites ouvre. (A replica AEC and Safran's collocated production efforts in Rochester, NH lands in Commercy, France.)
April 1, 2014
Top Albany, Safran, state and local leaders join together during official opening of the LEAP composite aircraft component production plant in Rochester, NH.