​Charitable Contributions


Albany Engineered Composites (AEC) is committed to supporting charitable organizations where we work and live . We support a mix of education, community and economic development and environmental programs/activites.

Our Charitable Contributions Committee is charged with overseeing our charitable giving and encouraging decentralization of charitable giving so that the greatest impact is where Albany Engineered Composites employees live and work. Only 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, which meet our giving guidelines and focus areas, are considered.

The application process has three major steps: 

 Step 1: Read Application Guidelines

​Before filling out our application, please read this document to learn if you qualify and what steps you will need to follow to apply to our charitable contributions programs. 


View Application Guidelines

 Step 2: Fill Out an Application

Fill out an application, following the guidelines provided by Step 1.

Download ​Application

 Step 3: Submit It!

Email your application and any supporting documentation to the email provided in the application guidelines (Step 1).

 Other Documents You May Need to Apply