Research & Technology (R&T)

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AEC's Research & Technology (R&T) team and center are dedicated to:

  • New product concept development & demonstration
  • Virtual (computational) & physical prototyping to help customers understand part performance and production tradeoffs
  • New/emerging composite technology and fabrication development and innovation research
  • continued improvements for exiting/current material & fabrication technologies (including developments in fabrication equipment and processes)

How do parts we design transition from the R&T environment into production?

Very often, transitioning a program to production too early can result in a weak understanding of a part’s production factors and result in excess manufacturing waste, defects, and redesign costs. This leads to costly production programs for both part manufacturers and their customers. To avoid these costs, parts that are initially developed in our R&T center go through our Product Development Center before going into production.  
AEC’s product development resources make the part design, equipment, and fabrication process modifications necessary to ensure that we meet customer target production specifications.  We can also help customers define and understand the specifications that will best suit them during this process.

New Technology Development

As part of its R&T efforts, AEC is always exploring technologies that complement our existing technologies.  Under development now:

CeramicMoldingComposites_35.pngCeramic Matrix Composites
These families of materials use a ceramic precursor and are suitable for higher temperature applications (1300-2250F/700-1400C).  They are suitable for applications such as engine hot zones/regions, structural insulators, and thermal standoffs.

3DFiberPlacement_35.pngFiber Placement
This is an automated capability used for placing steered fiber in 2D reinforced components, including larger structures.

PinInsertion_35.png3D Pin Insertion
In this process, a robot is used to insert pins into curved and complex sandwich panel structures.​

 Research & Technology (R&T) Center Facts

  • 45,000 sq. ft. dedicated fabrication/demonstration floor
  • Dedicated engineering team
  • Develops new & emerging technologies at AEC
  • 3D composites  simulation development team