Albany International’s Pulp or Fiber Preparation business designs and manufactures a full line of custom belting products for the pulp and paper industry. With more than a century of providing innovative solutions to a rapidly evolving industry, Albany’s ability to design, develop and improve upon its technologically advanced belts has earned it a reputation of global leadership. The close relationship Albany builds between machine manufacturer and end user ensures that a customized solution results in maximum performance. Click on Products to learn more about the most dependable belts for the pulp and paper industry in service today. 


Supply the Global Pulp and Paper industry with leading advanced material and structural technologies into the filtration Cloth for the Fiber and Stock Preparation area, Water Treatment, Chemical Recovery and Slitter Cutter area.
3 Advantages to Working with Albany
  • Large experience into the pulp and paper industry.
  • A team 100% dedicated to your needs.
  • Product, machine expertise and Field service
    at your disposal.



For sales in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea
John Sommercorn Vice President Global Sales
Office: +1 920 731 6826
Cell: +1 920 427 7078
For sales in Europe, Middle east, Africa and Asia
Bernd Nordhus Westarp Vice President Global sales
Office : +
Cell: +49.1722.3098.59
For Product or Marketing questions
Gilles Bulliere Global Product Manager Fiber Preparation
Office: +33 555 71 92 08
Cell: +33 680 35 39 93