​​​​Corporate Citizenship

Whether it's living our corporate values, providing extraordinary customer service, or engaging in the local community, Albany people make a difference every day. Their commitment, determination, and performance strengthen our company, making it a better place to work while creating value for our customers and shareholders. Because that value is not only measured in our financial reports, we are proud to share some of the added value Albany creates as a "corporate citizen".


We've organized this information around what we consider to be some of the key aspects of corporate citizenship: Community Engagement; Supply Chain Excellence; Investor Relations; Employee Volunteerism; and Ethics and Compliance. We've also included a repository for published reports on Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship.

We encourage and celebrate our employees’ individual and collective contributions to the communities in which they live and work. See examples of our employees’ causes and how they support their communities.

Good corporate citizenship is not possible without a viable investment proposition. We are a small cap company with the cash generation potential of a value stock combined with the revenue potential of a growth stock.

Albany has a long history of local engagement in the communities where we have our operations. By strengthening our communities, we also create value for our company and our stakeholders. While we do support local chapters of national organizations, we focus primarily on organizations that are based and operated in the communities where our employees live and work.

Albany’s world-class procurement management team works to ensure predictability and sustainability in our supply chain. Our team works to establish solid relationships with strategic suppliers to obtain the best value when purchasing materials, goods, and services. Employees are expected to maintain the highest ethical standards when dealing with suppliers; purchasing decisions will be made based on price, quality, and in compliance with all Environmental, Health, and Safety regulations.

We believe that a robust ethics and compliance program is the foundation upon which all other corporate endeavors should be built. Learn more about Albany’s long tradition of ethics and integrity.

See published Sustainability Reports.