Frequently Asked Questions

What if I forget my username or password after applying for a position?

The username required will be the email you used to apply for the position. If you forget your password, simply click 'Forgot Password' at the login screen and you will be provided the option to email yourself a reset link. When creating your initial password credentials, it is recommended to write them down because you will need them throughout the hiring process or to apply for future positions.

Can I send my application/resume directly to the hiring manager or drop it off at the worksite?

No, all applicants must apply online through the website. We do not accept unsolicited applications/resumes.

Can I be notified for future opportunities for specific job positions that are not currently open but may become available in the future?

Anyone can create a profile through our online application system for future openings. You can also create a "job agent". This feature will allow an applicant to choose up to three job matching descriptions that will alert you when an opening has been created that matches your description.

Should I call to check on my application/resume?

When you apply for a position, HR will contact you only if you are chosen for an interview.

How long will it typically take to receive a response from the time I submit my application/resume?

This depends on the position that you applied for. When a member of HR contacts you, they will explain the timeline for that particular position. A response can come in the form of an email, phone call, or system message.

Can I edit my profile or apply to more than one position?

You can log back into the applicant system and click "edit" on your profile. If you would like to apply to more than one job, just find other positions of interest and simply apply, since you have already created a profile, it will attach to the new position of interest.

What if I don't have any manufacturing experience?

We have positions in our manufacturing operations that do not require specific manufacturing experience. We offer a training program and pay employees while they train and learn the process.

Do you verify my educational background?

Yes, if a position requires certain educational credentials, we will verify that the candidate has completed them prior to hiring the candidate.

What other steps are required before I can become an employee?

We run a background check, which includes a criminal history check and verification of employment, or other professional references. We also require candidates to take a drug test at a participating facility.