Albany International's Commitment to Health and Safety


Albany International Corp. is committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace for all employees, wherever they work, and for all visitors to Company facilities.   

  •          Our belief is that all accidents are preventable.
  •          Our aim is to achieve an accident-, illness- and injury-free environment.
  •          Our expectation is that everyone in the Company, at every level of the organization, takes personal responsibility for health and safety. 


 Senior management is responsible for:
  •       Setting the company’s safety performance objectives and monitoring progress against those objectives.
  •       Developing, implementing and continuously improving the health and safety management system required to meet those objectives.
  •       Regularly conducting safety risk assessments.
  •       Ensuring that the Company complies with all applicable laws, regulations, and industry standards.
  •       Leading the company’s health and safety performance by example.
 Site managers and managers of field personnel are responsible for:
  •          Implementing Company safety training, systems and procedures at their sites and with their personnel.
  •          Complying with local laws, regulations and standards.
  •          Engaging their entire workforce in the effort to achieve the company’s safety performance objectives.
  •          Continuously evaluating and improving health and safety performance.
  •          Leading their organizations’ health and safety performance by example.

  Everyone is responsible for:

  •          Understanding and adhering to Company health and safety systems and procedures.
  •          Fully and actively participating in safety training.
  •          Identifying and reporting safety concerns.
  •          Actively engaging in health and safety improvement activities.