Acquisitions and Public Offerings


During the 1970s, Albany International acquired paper machine clothing companies in England, Brazil, and Norway, as well as overseas and domestic manufacturing capabilities in paper machine auxiliary equipment.

The Company continued to expand and modernize existing paper machine clothing manufacturing operations, as well as investing in its growing plastic products and industrial fabrics businesses and ventures. In the United States, it acquired a leading textile research firm near Boston, Massachusetts, now the home of Albany International Research Co.

Albany International offered its stock to the public in 1972 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange in July 1974.

The Albany International logo was adopted in 1972.


In 1976, it moved its corporate headquarters from the Felt Division location on Broadway to the newly renovated Sage Estate, about a mile away.

In 1983, in order to accommodate the Company's largest shareholder group, who wished to diversify their holdings, management took the Company private in a leveraged buy-out. Then, to reduce its newly acquired debt, all operations not primarily serving the paper industry were sold, and the Company again focused its resources on paper machine clothing and auxiliary equipment. While a private company, it continued to invest heavily in research and development and accelerate its capital expenditures program to expand and to modernize its paper machine clothing capacity.

The shareholders voted in 1987 to again make Albany International a public company. Class A stock was offered to the public in September 1987 on NASDAQ, and in 1988, the Company again listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol AIN.