​Dryer Fabrics

In the dryer section, the paper sheet travels around large-diameter heated cylinders, where remaining water is removed by evaporation. Dryer fabrics hold the sheet in close contact with the cylinders through the dryer section. Dryer fabrics must be heat resistant, rugged, and designed for both drying efficiently and evenly. Dryer fabrics can last much longer than forming and pressing fabrics normally from 6 to 18 months. Albany International leads the industry in the design and application of dryer products introducing advanced and patented seam concepts, active air handling, and hydrolysis-resistant fabrics.

Success Stories


$2 Million in Savings and a 125 fpm Speed Increase 

Mill Enjoys Significant Moisture Profile Improvement
Coated Publication
40-45# @1800 fpm (549 m/min)
1st top dryer
Before: Moisture profile 1% front to 3% back
After:  Moisture profile is flat.
Now running all 4 conventional positions
Steam savings and productivity increase

Mill estimates $1.3 million in Savings due to Productivity Increase of 300 fpm & reduced cull 

4,000 fpm (1219 m/min)
4th top & bottom
(1st section following multiple single runs)
Significant gain in productivity thru sheet handling with Aeropulse

Aeropulse saves $1.2 Million and Steam while Improving Productivity

2150 fpm (655 m/min)
4th& 5th & 6th Top
13% steam savings and speed increase on several grades,  and moisture profile improvements were also noted
Mill reordered for all 3 positions

Mill Saves $600,000 with Significant Gains in Productivity

Coated woodfree
3500 fpm (1067 m/min)
4th top and bottom positions
(1st section following 3 Single Runs)
75 fpm increase in productivity on lightweights
Customer has made AEROPULSE XL standard
Can you afford NOT to be one of the growing number of mills that are enjoying significant savings and improved machine performance?
Contact your Albany International representative today and see what Aeropulse can do for you!

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