​Process Belts


In the press section of many paper machines, a shoe press has replaced the conventional press. The shoe press increases dryness and enhances sheet properties by lengthening the time the sheet is under pressure. In response to the demand for improved water removal, Albany International developed the first grooved shoe press belts to provide maximum water removal, and the TransBelt to overcome the problem of sheet handling in open draws.

Shoe Press Belts

The shoe press is favored globally for its high sheet dryness level and ability to achieve high sheet bulk at high dryness levels reducing the cost of operating a paper machine. Albany International successfully developed grooved and Engineered Void belt technology applicable for all paper grades allowing shoe presses to reach even greater dryness and productivity levels.

Transfer Belts

The transfer belt was developed to eliminate open draws between the forming and press sections, within the press section, or between the press and dryer sections. Total sheet support without rewet! TransBelt® is applicable for a wide range of paper and board grades, machine speeds, and press section configurations, including roll and long nip presses.

Calendar Belts

The calender belt is another special elastomeric belt used in the nip of a shoe calender. GlossBeltTM extends nip dwell time, resulting in superior paper gloss, smoothness, and bulk relative to traditional calendaring techniques.

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