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In the press section of a paper machine, water is mechanically removed from the newly formed sheet. In the simplest press, the sheet is carried by a press fabric between two rolls, where water is removed with the application of load and pressure. This can also be assisted by the use of vacuum and heat. Press fabrics can last normally from 1 to 6 months. Albany International’s innovative products such as seamed, Non-Woven and coated materials provide consistent, class leading performance for our customers.

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Advantage NTT Technology Machines 


Globally, a total of nine Advantage NTT technology machines have started up with Albany International clothing.  In the press section, DYNAVENT II with RAPID has been installed on all the Advantage NTT technology machines to date.  This was done to minimize variability and bring consistency to the startup of this new machine technology.
In October 2016, a PRESSPLANE 2 trial was installed on the Valmet’s NTT Pilot Machine.  The Pilot Machine trial performed well – providing excellent startup and sheet transfer as well as improved press solids.  With these trial results, we have pursued PRESSPLANE 2 trials on Advantage NTT technology machines. 

To date, we have received PRESSPLANE 2 trial orders on three Advantage NTT technology machines.  Two recently installed their PRESSPLANE 2 trials with exceptional results.
On the first Advantage NTT technology machine, the PRESSPLANE 2 with RAPID stayed more open and was able to run the same water perm values with lower pressure on the high pressure showers.  The mill set a production record on 9 lb bath tissue with the PRESSPLANE 2.  The trial was removed at standard life and the mill has reordered two more PRESSPLANE press fabrics.
On the second Advantage NTT technology machine, the PRESSPLANE 2 was damaged off the machine after 30 days, but it ran well during the time it was on and the mill has reordered.  Again, the PRESSPLANE cleaned easier and in this case the profile was improved compared to the DYNAVENT.  Data trends will be analyzed in the coming weeks to quantify the improvements.

At this time the PRESSPLANE 2 has shown to be an improvement to the DYNAVENT II on the Advantage NTT technology machines and will be expanded in 2018.

Advantage NTT technology is a tradename of Valmet
DYNAVENT, RAPID, and PRESSPLANE are tradenames of Albany International Corp.
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