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AEC to Present on 3D Composite Suitability for Automotive Lightweighting

Presentation/Paper to focus on Specific Energy Absorption (SEA)


Due the presence of through-thickness reinforcement, 3D woven composites have superior fracture toughness, fatigue life, and damage tolerance compared to laminated composites. Furthermore, 3D woven composites exhibit a progressive damage behavior which is more benign than the typical catastrophic failure behavior of laminated composites. These features make 3D composites an attractive solution for automotive applications.  A question we often are asked at AEC is what is the specific energy absorption (SEA) like in 3D composites?  This year at the SPE Automotive Conference and Exhibition, AEC will be presenting a paper to provide more insight into AEC's own SEA research and findings.

The content would be of great interest to those seeking weight reduction through material change without loss of crashworthiness.  Specifically, the presentation will report on a study that compares energy absorption performance of 3D woven composites to that of laminated composites, manufactured with identical carbon fiber and resin and tested under quasi-static, and various dynamic crushing loads. Of notable interest:  3D woven composites have SEA values up to 50% higher than laminated composites under static and dynamic loads.

Presentation/Paper Info

Event: SPE Automotive Conference and Exhibition (September 9-11, 2015 in Novi, Michigan)
Presentation Title: 
Application of 3D Woven Composites for Energy Absorption
Presenter:  Jon Goering, Chief Technology Officer
Date/Time: September 10, 2015
Location/Time: ONYX