Thermoplastic Injection Molding

Significant growth opportunities in commercial aerospace

Aerospace is a high growth market for these types of applications and the high-volume would be best applied with injection molding production of components. Carbon fibers are turned into a plastic strand with continuous fiber reinforcement, which can be processed into preforms of free geometry using the new additive process.

Thermoplastic Hybrid Structure

AEC is developing thermoplastic injection molding capabilities at Kaiserslautern technical center. The machine is equipped for a variety of materials, focusing on high-performance. The injection unit is designed to be highly resistant, for a melt temperature of up to about 700°F (370°C). The mold temperature can reach 320°F (160°C) in order to process PPS and PEEK for aerospace applications.

Technology drives Process & Product Solutions

Complex geometries and near-net shapes are our specialty, thanks to our precision molding process. With a focus on efficiency, we significantly reduce assembly part count, streamlining the production process and reducing overall costs. Our expertise lies in optimizing load and reinforcement through the strategic combination of fibers and forms, ensuring that our composite parts offer superior performance and durability in various industries, from aerospace to automotive and beyond.

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