Super Tier-2

Assembly Integration and Fabrication

Beyond our expertise in advance composite manufacturing, AEC's capabilities extend to subsystem assembly and integration. With a commitment to precision and excellence, AEC seamlessly integrates complex systems, enhancing the performance and reliability of aerospace solutions. Just as Tier-1 suppliers, AEC's contributions are integral to the seamless operation of cutting-edge aerospace vehicles, solidifying its pivotal role in shaping the future of flight.


AEC employs the latest in sophisticated manufacturing processes and technologies necessary for the fabrication of the most complex and close-tolerance structures. We house complete design engineering, prototype fabrication, non-destructive and destructive testing, production fabrication, integration and assembly, quality assurance, and after-market product support capabilities.

Full Assembly Capabilities

All AEC facilities also do full assembly and are able to integrate our composite components with multiple material structures from the installation of brackets, integration of subsystem components, to the completed structural assembly. We have tens of thousands of square feet dedicated to assembly and integration, including state-of-the-art clean rooms for structural bonding operations.

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