AEC's Enhanced Filament Winding

Controlled Fiber Orientation/Placement and Versatile

AEC continues to advance the technology of the filament winding process and tooling of both thermoset and thermoplastic materials allowing for a wide variety of resins and fibers. The enhanced filament winding technology is automated with CNC controlled process. Kaiserslautern is NADCAP certified for this process.

Advantages of Enhanced Filament Winding

Typical filament materials used are carbon, glass, aramid-fibers or ceramic fibers. A wide range of certified composite thermoset and thermoplastic materials can be processed. The filament winding process has considerable advantages over conventional techniques leading to superior outcomes in strength and consistency.

Composite material cylinder with diver silhouette in the background underwater.
  • High throughput using in-house developed equipment​
  • Significant lower material costs vs. towpreg (prepreg)​
  • High process capability
  • Higher strength to weight ratios vs. towpreg Filament Winding
  • Higher stiffness as illustrated on the right
  • Cost advantage vs. other composites

These unique features make filament winding a valuable process in the aerospace and composite manufacturing industries, where precision, efficiency, and tailoring of material properties are of paramount importance.

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