Aerodynamics and Stability for the A350

Struts are structural components that support and strengthen the fuselage, wings, or landing gear. Made from composite materials, they distribute loads during flight, ensuring stability and safe operations. Vital for aircraft structural integrity and balance. Struts are engineered to be lightweight yet robust, contributing to the overall weight optimization of the aircraft. Reducing weight helps enhance fuel efficiency, range, and payload capacity.

AEC's AIRSTRUT® Innovations

AEC leads the way by consistently improving and developing lightweight AIRSTRUT® composite rods, including tie rods, control rods, and composite struts. With form-locking load transmission and utilizing cutting-edge carbon fiber reinforcement, our aerospace-grade tie rods exemplify excellence in engineering.

Our expertise extends beyond innovation, as we offer comprehensive solutions from design to certification, development, manufacturing, and assembly of various lightweight composite rod systems. CirComp's AIRSTRUT® components epitomize lightweight design, ensuring both security and durability while adhering to rigorous certification requirements.

FilaWin ® enhanced fiber-winding technology

Our patented AIRSTRUT® composite rods and struts are produced in series using our cutting-edge FilaWin® technology. This unique filament winding process ensures exceptional efficiency, superior resin impregnation, high fiber volume content, and impeccable laminate qualities. The modular design of AIRSTRUT® allows for a wide range of applications. Our lightweight products offer diverse fork end options and on-site adjustability of length, guaranteeing tailored solutions that meet your specific needs.

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