Precision Beyond Sight

Non-Destructive Testing in Aerospace Composites

Ensuring the reliability and safety of aerospace composites demands a meticulous approach, and non-destructive testing (NDT) emerges as a cornerstone. This suite of techniques, including visual inspection, ultrasonic testing, thermography, A-scan, and C-scan, enables us to explore beneath the surface without compromising the structural integrity of advanced composites.

Thermography: Heat as Revelation

The dance of heat reveals more than meets the eye. Thermography employs infrared imaging to detect temperature variations within composite materials. This technique unveils irregularities invisible to the human eye, ranging from internal defects to variations in composite layup. By capturing thermal patterns, thermography helps us decipher the composite's hidden stories.

Ultrasonic Testing: Penetrating Precision

Ultrasonic testing dives deeper, utilizing sound waves to unveil the hidden secrets within composite structures. Aided by A-scan and C-scan techniques, ultrasonic testing maps the interior landscape, identifying discontinuities, voids, and delaminations with astonishing accuracy. This technology harnesses the power of echoes to create a visual representation of the unseen, enabling engineers to make informed decisions.

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