Engineering and Manufacturing Design

AEC offers the aerospace industry a premier capability in the design, analysis, and fabrication of advanced composite structures. Our dedicated, experienced staff of composite specialists uses the very latest design and analysis tools to efficiently perform analysis disciplines such as Finite Element Analysis, Design Analysis Lay-Up, Kinematic Analysis and Classical Composite Analysis Codes.

Our Design and Analysis Prowess

In addition to using all industry standard software, AEC has developed its own suite of proprietary analytical and design tools to speed and enhance design, testing and industrialization. Our suite of tools are fully capable of interacting with customers tools to create a robust digital thread.

Engineering Team's Unparalleled Knowledge and Experience

We offer a formidable suite of design and analysis capabilities that shape the very essence of aerospace engineering. With a collective wealth of knowledge and experience that spans decades, our experts bring a dynamic blend of innovation and tradition to every project. Their deep-rooted understanding of materials, design principles, and cutting-edge technologies shapes our solutions from inception to execution.

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