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AEC is a super Tier-2 supplier in Aerospace and Defense. We continue to push intellectual and technological boundaries as we continuously innovate and adapt our composites for the commercial aircraft industry. In the dynamic landscape of the Commercial Aerospace market, the integration of advanced composite materials has become a transformative trend. With a focus on fuel efficiency, weight reduction, and enhanced performance, aerospace manufacturers are increasingly turning to composites to shape the future of air travel. 

Our solutions and services are the result of long-term research and forward-thinking in preparation for the changing markets and tomorrow’s needs. Unlike traditional materials such as metal, our composites have a high strength-to-weight ratio — meaning we are lightening aircrafts and improving fuel efficiency, not to mention the excellent corrosion resistance and durability reduces overall maintenance costs.

Other programs

  • Airbus A320neo
  • Airbus A350
  • Boeing 737 / 737 MAX
  • Boeing 747
  • Boeing 767
  • Boeing 777 / 777X
  • Citation X
  • GE9X Engine
  • GEnx Engine

new airplanes (2022-2042)

6.1 % CAGR

RPK (2022-2042)


aircraft (2042 fleet size)

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