Helicopter Sponsons Assemblies

Uncompromising quality and manufacturability

A helicopter sponson is an external wing-like structure attached to its fuselage, enhancing stability during maneuvers and low speeds. It generates extra lift for balance during take-off, landing, and hovering, and increases buoyancy for water operations, ensuring safer flight maneuvers.

Lightweight and changing helicopter maneuverability

The sponsons with advanced composite materials offer unparalleled strength-to-weight ratios, providing optimal structural integrity without compromising agility. Building composite helicopter sponsons presents a unique set of challenges that require ingenuity and expertise in composite materials and engineering.

Sponsons bring an unparalleled level of stability and control to helicopters, revolutionizing their maneuverability in the skies. Composite helicopter sponsons bring the incredible strength and lightweight properties of composite materials into the world of helicopter design.

Primary aircraft structure design and production

AEC manufactures over 40 composite components for both the left and right sponsons. Sub-assemblies are completed in Salt Lake City. The CH-53K is the most powerful helicopter in the Department of Defense and can carry up to 36,000 lbs. It has a cruise speed of 170 kts (315 km/hr).

Helicopter Sponsons Assemblies


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