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AEC to Present at Aachen Body Engineering Days


On Wednesday September 24, 2014 Jon Goering will be presenting at Aachen Body Engineering Days, in Aachen, Germany.  Mr. Goering is Albany Engineered Composites’ (AEC’s) Chief Technology Officer, Research & Technology.  His presentation will include an overview of 3D composites, their damage tolerance capabilities and benign failure modes, and information on AEC’s preliminary findings regarding 3D composites’ suitability for crash structures.

The Aachen Body Engineering Days is a two day annual event hosted to support automotive body engineering personnel. Presenters discuss the latest approaches, innovations and current trends in research and technology that can help designers to address conflicting design goals. Mr. Goering’s presentation is titled 3D Reinforced Composites for Energy Absorbing Structures (Faserverbundkunststoffe auf Basis eines 3D-Textils für energieabsorbierende Strukturen).

Mr. Goering is responsible for defining the technical direction of AEC’s Research and Technology group and provides input on the strategic initiatives for AEC.  He has extensive experience with 3D composites.  This includes being instrumental in the development of technologies that led to the production of advanced 3D composite products such as fan blades and fan cases for aircraft engines and 3D composite Boeing 787 landing gear braces.

More information on this event is here (und hier auf Deutsch).

More information on Jon Goering may be found here.