Our internally developed design, analysis and manufacturing software tools are designed to meet the design and fabrication needs unique to AEC’s composite component development processes.

3D Composite Design & Analysis Software


AEC utilizes both commercial and internally-developed design and analysis software as part of the 3D composite development process.  This software allows us to assess how changes to composite component geometry or fiber architecture affect overall component performance.  We can quickly ask: what are the structural repercussions if we reduce fiber density in one area?  Can we improve strength, thermal, or stiffness properties in the component by modifying the 3D weaving pattern?  


3D Weaving CAM Software


AEC’s computer-aided manufacturing software is designed to translate our computer model of a 3D woven composite into the code that then guides equipment, such as our Jacquard weaving machines, through the manufacturing process, ensuring that the reinforcement in the final part will be identical to that in our computer model.  This software enables AEC to accelerate our development processes, supporting more rapid production of complex composite preforms and prototype components early in our product development processes.