Our engineered composite design approach begins by understanding the component application:  What will the final component’s function be?  What performance specifications need to be met?  By answering these questions early in the design process, we can reduce product development times and tailor our solutions to our customer’s needs.  The part geometry, underlying materials, and reinforcement architecture (which defines where and how fiber or other reinforcements are embedded into a product) are all considerations taken into account during our product development processes.

Material Choices

With regard to fiber, matrix, and other integrated material choices we can

  • Begin design with materials our customers have selected for their own application

  • Help customers select continuous fiber, discrete reinforcement, and matrix materials appropriate for the environment and application in which a composite component will be used

Reinforcement and Structural Design

Based on material selection, AEC designs each individual product to meet performance and cost specifications. We use both commercially-available and, for our 3D woven composites, internally-developed computer-aided design and analysis tools to identify areas of a component that need more or less reinforcement in order to provide improved material properties or reduced production costs, respectively.  If alternative material choices can reduce cost or improve performance beyond our original design goals,, we help customers understand these tradeoffs as well.

Discrete Through Thickness Reinforcements

As an addition to our 2D or 3D woven structures, AEC can incorporate discrete through thickness reinforcement throughout a material or into a specific region of a final component for added strength or stiffness  . 

Fabrication and Molding

AEC utilizes multiple molding, curing and composite processes, including RTM, VaRTM, autoclave, press, compression & oven cure processes.  Each is selected as appropriate for the application.  More about our molding and composite forming processes...