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The advantages of 3D and other advanced composites at AEC:

  • 30-50% weight reduction over metallic solutions
  • Design for energy-absorbing structures
  • Simulation and computational analysis tools to support design and virtual prototyping
  • Both product prototyping/demonstration and full rate production capabilities for high value applications

 ​​​Challenging Applications in High Value Lightweighting

Ricardo logo.pngThrough a collaborative relationship, automotive engineering and consulting company Ricardo and Albany Engineered Composites (AEC) are introducing lightweight composite body, chassis and other structural components into the automotive industry. The relationship enables customers to take advantage of Ricardo’s leadership in passenger car and commercial vehicle design together with AEC’s composite design and manufacturing expertise.  The partnership explores the use of proven advanced aerospace technologies like 3D composites for providing the stiffness, strength, durability and energy absorption necessary to lightweight applications such as crash structures.  

The target: lightweighting solutions that improve fuel economy and safety performance.